Canada Events

Nothing builds belief like attending an Isagenix Event. Our events educate, motivate and inspire you and your team, create lifelong memories and set you on the path to health and business success. Attending Isagenix events stimulates your personal and professional growth.

The beauty of Isagenix events is their diversity; after each event you attend, you come away with a new and improved understanding of Isagenix, our no-compromise products, essential business tools, and other necessities required to achieve the success you desire. By helping to establish and refine your skill-set, each event will support you on your Isagenix journey.

Check out the details on our latest events below!

Clear a space on your vision board to attend the next incentive event with your fellow Isagenix leaders. These motivating events are all about growing, learning proven success skills, and taking your life to where you truly want to be. Not only will you leave with Isagenix swag and new product, you’ll also feel ready to take the first step toward creating your ideal life.